What Your iRing Says About You

Are you an iRing Original? Or maybe an iRing Pocket speaks most to you. Would you choose basic functionality or functionality with flair? With so many iRings to choose from, it can be tough to pick which one’s right for you. Let our product roundup be your guide to finding your perfect iRing.


iRing Original

If you’re an iRing Original, you’re far from basic. With a range of color options, from graphite gray and matte black to rose gold and candy red, you can pick up an iRing Original that blends in with your phone case, matches it, or enhances it. You’re an iRing Original if you like your accessories to complement your look without stealing the show. You’re drawn to the security an iRing gives you. No more cracked screens!

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iRing Glitter

You’re an iRing Glitter if you love to SHINE! With four gorgeous options—pink gold, silver, gold, and purple—the iRing Glitter is the go-to iRing for those who can’t get enough sparkle in their lives. If every accessory is a statement, yep—you’re an iRing Glitter. You’ll be head over heels for iRing’s ability to keep your device secure on your finger while you snap selfies and photos of your glam life.

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iRing Link

Is all your tech wireless? You may be an iRing Link. If you’re into the tried and true but so over cords, iRing Link offers the look of an iRing Original with the bonus of easy removal for wireless charging. iRing Link comes in both practical and fun colors (rose gold, pearl white, matte black, metallic red, glacier silver, and champagne gold), and it’s perfect for the sensible, cord-free set.

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iRing POP

You want an iRing, but make it pop! iRing Pop gives you that splash of color you’re looking for with a sleek, round form factor. You’re an iRing POP if colors like serenity blue, Turkish green, cocoa milk, and cinnamon orange speak to you. If you gravitate toward soft edges and matte colors versus shiny or metallic hues, this is your iRing. Remove the top ring plate to wirelessly charge your device!

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iRing Slide

If you like to prop up your phone for video calls, recording live social media streams, or watching videos, you may be an iRing Slide. Slide it down to prop your device vertically! Slide it up to prop your device horizontally. Slide it down to unblock the wireless charger, slide it up and down again because you’re bored. It doesn’t matter why you slide it, what matters is that you can. It’s the versatile iRing you’ve been looking for.

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iRing Pocket

You’re a do-er, a multi-tasker, and you’re looking for convenience and functionality. If that describes you, you’re an iRing Pocket! With iRing Pocket, your hands and pockets are free—no phone to tie up a hand (because it’s around your finger) and no wallet to weigh down your pants pocket. iRing Pocket includes a cardholder for up to two cards—enough room for the essentials. Just the way you like it.

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iRing Mag

Not into adhesive? Not a problem. You’re an iRing Mag if you want an adhesive-less iRing experience and you have a newer generation of iPhone (see compatibility list here) with a MagSafe case. iRing Mag comes in classic metallic and fresh, unique colors. Go for the clear inner-ring design if you want your device’s logo to show through or choose a solid design for a more classic look. It’s clean, it’s chic, and it’s perfect for wireless charging.

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Now that you’ve met them all, which iRing are you?


Bethanie Hestermann is a freelance writer and author. She writes about science, tech, business, lifestyle, conservation, and everything in between.