Our products are designed in New York City and beautifully crafted in South Korea. We take pride in designing products that are surprisingly elegant, yet simple, intuitive and a pleasure to use everywhere.  

How it Works

The iRing®‘s patented compact swivel hinge allows you to swivel 180° and rotate 360°, and functions as a a horizontal and vertical kickstand. Our strong, secure adhesive technology allows you to apply or remove the iRing® at any time without leaving any excess residue. The pressure sensitive adhesive can be rinsed with warm water when dirty and reapplied again and again, and can hold up to 15 lbs., allowing it to be used with not only smartphones, but also phablets and tablets.


iRing Specifications

The iRing® is designed to keep your phone comfortable and secure. 

Compatible with smartphones
Horizontal or vertical kickstand
Rotates 360 degrees, swivels 180 degrees
Comfortable, natural grip
Compact, sleek design
Durable structure with polycarbonate plate
STIXX adhesive can detach at any time; leaves no residue; so the iRing can be re-attached again and again

Approximate dimensions: 1 3/8" W x 1 5/8" H x 1/4" D
Approximate weight: 0.34 oz.

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iRing Hook Specifications

The iRing® Hook is designed to allow hanging your iRing® equipped phone in a car or on a wall.

Simple universal dock for iRing® equipped smartphones
Durable high impact plastic
Hang on dashboards, walls, shelves, etc.

Approximate dimensions: 3/8" W x 7/8" H x 1/8" D
Approximate weight: .4 oz.

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iRing Dock Specifications

The iRing® Dock is designed as a multi-purpose docking system to allow mounting iRing® equipped phones or devices in cars, on counters or on any other flat surface.

Advanced docking system for iRing® equipped smartphones
90 degree adjustable angle
Attachable to dashboard, windshield, center panel, table, wall, etc.
Adjust your smartphone to any position or viewing angle

Approximate weight: 1.2 oz.

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